Action Research Communities (ARCs) are ways members create small but active groups of people who want to share resources, strategies, practices and ideas around a specific topic. They are established as the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve. At present we have a number of groups that have started, with some more active that others. We are also encouraging the formation of new groups. To join a community, contact the facilitator, or to create a new group contact Wendy Thomas.

ARCs… in action.

Early Childhood Education

Co-Chair : Mina Kim, San Francisco State University (

Graduate Students

Co-Chair: Wendy Thomas, Moravian College ( and Co-Chair: Vacancy

Health Care

Chair: Nancy Murphy, Howard University (

Mary Canales, Platsburgh, NY, (
Gennifer Holt, Durham, NC, (
Nelly Gomez, Vancouver, BC, (
Shari Laliberte, Vancouver, BC, (
Abe Oudshoorn, London, Ontario, (
Maggie Pharris, St. Paul, MN, (
Erin Yeagley, Arlington, VA, (

Participatory Action Research & Popular Education

Chair: Camilo Manchola, University of Brasilia (

School Counseling

Co-Chairs: Morgan Urbany ( and  Scott Merkel (


School Leadership

Co-Chairs: Randy Ziegenfuss ( and Lynn Fuini-Hetten (, Salisbury Township School District

Supporting the Teaching of Action Research (STAR)

Mission: Beginning with a Learning Circle Approach, each member leads the group around a project idea and will be developing the site resources around that topic.

Chair: Margaret Riel, Pepperdine University (


Youth Participatory Action Research

Co-Chairs: Chris Buttimer, Harvard University (, and Paula Elias, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (