Action Research Communities (ARCs) are ways members create small but active groups of people who want to share resources, strategies, practices and ideas around a specific topic. They are established as the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve. At present we have a number of groups that have started, with some more active that others. We are also encouraging the formation of new groups. To join a community or to create a new group, please contact Blair Niblet (

ARCs… in action.

Early Childhood Education

Co-Chair : Mina Kim, San Francisco State University (

Graduate Students

Co-Chair: Wendy Thomas, Moravian College ( and Co-Chair: Vacancy

Health Equity

Chair: Nancy Murphy, Red Bank, NJ, Rutgers University (

Mary Canales, Platsburgh, NY, (
Gennifer Holt, Durham, NC, (
Nelly Gomez, Vancouver, BC, (
Shari Laliberte, Vancouver, BC, (
Abe Oudshoorn, London, Ontario, (
Maggie Pharris, St. Paul, MN, (
Erin Yeagley, Arlington, VA, (
Erika Turley: Seattle, WA, (

Participatory Action Research & Popular Education

Chair: Camilo Manchola, University of Brasilia (

School Counseling

Co-Chairs: Morgan Urbany ( and  Scott Merkel (


School Leadership

Co-Chairs: Randy Ziegenfuss ( and Lynn Fuini-Hetten (, Salisbury Township School District

Supporting the Teaching of Action Research (STAR)

Mission: Beginning with a Learning Circle Approach, each member leads the group around a project idea and will be developing the site resources around that topic.

Chair: Margaret Riel, Pepperdine University (


Supporting University Global Action Research (SUGAR)

Mission: The vision of SUGAR is to contribute to university action research engagement globally by having an ARNA action research community (ARC) focused on three areas of inquiry and action – research, practice, and education.

Co-Chairs: Candace Kaye ( and Charlotte Hardacre (

***A SUGAR Update: Your co-chairs, Candace and Charlotte, are quite pleased to announce that the survey is available. The results of the survey will share the action research work of colleagues at colleges and universities globally and also helps us with the content and schedule of SUGAR during this pilot year of our ARC.

Here is the survey site:

We are looking at a deadline of October 31 for completion of the survey. Stay tuned and thank you for your participation!

As always, we appreciate your support!

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Youth Participatory Action Research

Co-Chairs: Chris Buttimer, Harvard University (, and Paula Elias, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (