New Action Research Communities (ARCs) are ways for members to create small but active groups of people who want to share resources, strategies, practices and ideas around a specific topic. They are established as the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve. At present we have some groups that have started and some are more active that others. The assumption is that you will hold monthly meetings and that some work will be done between groups. To join a community, contact the facilitator, to create a new group contact Wendy Thomas.

ARCs… in action.

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Supporting the Teaching of Action Research (STAR)

Members: Margaret Riel (Facilitator), Joseph Shosh, Darryil Ann Borel, Wendy Thomas, Donna Azodi, Laura Irene Dino Morales, Linda Purrlington, Jennifer Robins

Early Childhood Education

Members: Candace Kaye (Co-Facilitator), Mina Kim (Co-Facilitator)

School Counseling

Members: Scott Merkel (Co-Facilitator), Morgan Urbany (Co-Coordinator)

School Leadership

Members: Randy Ziegenfuss

Graduate Student Community

Members: Wendy Thomas, Maranda Ward