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university_of_tennessee__knoxville22016  |  Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

From the Editors
When performing the preliminary work for the 2016 conference, the organizers chose an apt theme to guide the program: “Making a Difference: Action Research for a Change”. As such, they were determined to make certain it would not be “your typical conference”, but rather one driven by interaction and dialogue. Certainly the Knoxville site represented the crossroads of the Americas for just such discussion and drew presenters from across the two continents (and further afield). The published work, found below, also represents a crossroads of the many themes and research that were disseminated during this week in June, 2016. The speakers emerge from a great diversity of contexts and setting at the school, university, college, and workplace. Some stretch the boundaries of the Action Research methodology while others use it to enact change in their community. Alongside the papers shown below are a number of other formats that presenters chose to employ. One of the more novel venues was that of the PechaKucha Panel which proved to be a more fast-paced genre for the conference. Regardless of the format, we hope you find the enclosed proceedings both enlightening and thought-provoking as we collectively continue coming to grips with the many facets of Action Research.

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