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Action Research Communities (ARCs) are small but vibrant groups created by our members to share resources, strategies, practices and ideas revolving around a specific topic. As the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve over time, new communities emerge to dig deeper into areas of common interest and learn from one another.

Our current ARCs span a wide range of subjects, with some more active than others. Whether you want to explore new educational practices, develop leadership skills or connect with like-minded professionals, our communities provide a collaborative environment to have meaningful discussions.

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What is an ARC? How can I get involved?

Why get involveD and make the change


ARCs are communities of educators, activists, and community organizers who engage in action research together.


One of the benefits of ARCs is that we can connect virtually across the globe and throughout the year.


Like the rainbow connects two points, the ARCs provide a meaningful bridge in between the annual conferences.

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Community Development

Community Development

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International ARC
Music Learning Community
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Supporting The Teaching of Action Research (STAR)
Youth Participatory Action Research

Join our Action Research Communities (ARCs) and become a part of these dynamic groups. Our communities, cater to the evolving needs and interests of ARNA members. Currently, we have several active groups, each with its unique focus. We also encourage the establishment of new groups.

To join an existing community or initiate a new group, please reach out to the co-chairs, Aubrey Uresti ( and Suzy Thomas ( Your involvement is welcomed and appreciated.