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ARNA provides a collegial, practice-oriented, and professional development space where practitioners and students of action research across the Americas can come together to share ideas and develop initiatives that will strengthen the position of action and participatory research around the globe.

Why Join ARNA?

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ARNA members are committed to taking action locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to promote action research that is conducted with a commitment to honesty, integrity, inclusiveness, multi-vocality, engagement and achievement within sustainable democratic societies.

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Through the use of action research-based knowledge mobilization, ARNA aspires to global leadership in exploring democratized knowledge production as a basis for public discourse and public policy.

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Each year, ARNA hosts a site-based international action research conference, providing expanded opportunities for virtual participation across the Americas and around the world in the leading action research organization of the western hemisphere.

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Practitioner researchers throughout the Americas and around the world join together to form action research communities (ARCs) around shared areas of inquiry, including food insecurity, early childhood education, health equity, musical learning, participatory action research & popular education, school counseling, school leadership, supporting the teaching of action research, and youth participatory action research.

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Leadership opportunities for ARNA members are provided through the annual Conference, Action Research Communities, Virtual and Site-based workshops, and publication within the Annual ARNA Conference Proceedings.

Receive the benefits of ARNA membership

Enjoy all the advantages that being part of the Action Research Network of the Americas has for you:

Reduced conference registration rates 

  • Participation in a selection of members-Only ARCs  (Action Research Communities) 
  • Participation in a calendar of members-only interactive  Video Events 
  • Opportunities for service and leadership in the leading  action research network of the Americas 
  • Opportunities to publish your research in the annual  conference proceedings
  • Voting privileges for incoming executive members and  ARNA ballot issues

Member Types

  • Professional Membership  

$50 Global North; $25 Global South 

  • Student Membership  

$25 Global North; $12.50 Global South 

  • Emeritus or Retired Membership  

$25 Global North; $12.50 Global South 

Special opportunities for current members who teach action research courses: Enroll your students in a one year free student membership.

Sponsor ARNA

As an institution you have the opportunity to sponsor  ARNA and help out your employees (to become members  or attend the conference) in several ways: 

Institutional Member: $750 USD

  • 5 Paid Individual Memberships 
  • Institutional Logo displayed prominently on the ARNA website 
  • Institutional website linked to the ARNA website 

Conference Sponsor: $750 

  • 1 Paid Conference Registration 
  • Institutional Logo on Conference Materials, and played in slide presentation throughout the conference
  • Institutional Logo Displayed on ARNA website (with active web link to Institutional Website) throughout the conference 
  • Institutional Logo will appear in conference proceedings published online 

Both, Institutional + Conference for $1,200,  including ALL the above benefits 

Please note that conference registration and membership fees are non-refundable.