Call for Proposals

ARNA 2023 Conference
PAR! A Virtual Celebration of Diverse Methodological Approaches in Participatory Action Research
June 1 – 2, 2023


Following the success of its largely virtual 2022 conference which celebrated ten years of the Action Research Network of the Americas, ARNA now invites action research colleagues worldwide to join us for our 2023 virtual event, June 1-2. There we will explore together and celebrate the rich diversity of methodological approaches leading to new understandings through our participatory action research efforts.

The ARNA Coordinating Group invites virtual paper presentations, panel sessions, and workshops that explore the ways in which methodological pluralism strengthens participatory action research efforts and/or how utilization of diverse data collection and analysis methods support effective triangulation of data.


All sessions will be 90 minutes in duration and include the following formats.

Round Table PAR Paper Presentation Sessions

  • Between 3 and 5 paper presentations can be accommodated in each session.
  • Presentation time for each paper and for the discussant is limited as follows:
    • 20 minutes each for a session with three presentations and a discussant
    • 15 minutes each for a session with four presentations and a discussant
    • 20 minutes each for a session with four presentations and no discussant
    • 15 minutes each for a session with five presentations and no discussant
  • These sessions are held in a setting online.

PAR Panel Sessions

  • Each panel discussion can accommodate up to 5 people on the panel.
  • A panel session is recommended for presentations based on participatory action research in progress or more general thematic discussions of work in one particular area or several, such as discussions of organizing participatory based action research studies, publicizing participatory research, sustaining participatory research.
  • Panel participants may want to distribute printed papers and/or handouts online before the presentation.

PAR Workshop Sessions

  • Workshop sessions will include facilitators and participants.
  • Unless otherwise noted, workshop sessions will be within a 90 minute period. More time can be requested in the proposal.
  • The workshop session facilitation focus is on interaction and learning within the diversity of methodological PAR approaches .
  • The proposal will outline learning outcomes, strategies for workshop engagement, and workshop capacity.


In the submission please specify if you would prefer to share your paper in a virtual round table paper individual presentation, panel, or workshop. We will take this into consideration during our review of the proposals for placement in the conference schedule. All proposals will be 300 to 500 words and should describe the overall aims/objectives of the session, followed by 100 word descriptions of each paper presentation.

  • Sessions may be proposed independently or as a group. If the submission is a proposal from a group, then a contact member of the group needs to be identified.
  • Proposals and sessions will be presented in English and/or Spanish
  • A session organizer who is submitting but not presenting may act as chair and/or discussant.

Paper proposals will follow this general format:

  1. Briefly outline the research and action aims of your work and the presentation;
  2. Explain what has been done to achieve the aims of the action and/or research (e.g., methodology, theoretical framework and methods) and the progress made (or goals you have set) towards research and action aims (e.g., findings, results, outputs, program changes, community action changes, events, or perspective changes)

Panel proposals should first describe research in progress or more general thematic discussions of work in one particular area or several, such as discussions of organizing participatory action research studies, publicizing participatory action research, sustaining participatory action research. The proposal can them move on to discuss how the panel will be structured, identify any target participant group, and describe how the audience will be included for questions.

Workshop proposals should describe the overall aims/objectives of the workshop; the structure of the workshop (including a general flow of activities); workshop capacity and the target participant group (ex.  PAR Based Organizations, New or Emerging Participatory Action Researchers, or Youth Participatory Action Researchers), if it not targeting a general audience of action researchers.

Please remember to use the form below to submit and read the rubric that will be used to review your submission.


To present your research at the conference your abstract will go through a double-blind peer review process. A rubric is available here on the ARNA website for you to know how your proposal will be scored. Upon payment of registration fees, your attendance at the conference will be confirmed.

  • Final Proposal Abstract Submission Deadline: April 15, 2023
  • Results of abstract review returned to authors: By May 1, 2023
  • Full conference registration fees due for all presenters: May 15, 2023