ARNA Conference Proceedings Submissions


Submission Period
: June 1-February 1

Please follow these instructions for submitting your article or materials.  Each submission content must be submitted along with a completed ARNA Online Proceedings Submission Form.  

Submission Form Guidelines

  1. Completed Empirical Research Submission
    Includes an abstract, theoretical framework, research methodology or approach to inquiry, findings, discussion or conclusions (including implications).  Length:  20-30 pages.
  2. Empirical Research in Progress Submission
    Includes appropriate sections, depending on project status:  abstract, introduction, theoretical framework, research methodology or approach to inquiry, and discussion of potential significance. Authors may include preliminary findings, projected conclusions and implications, as appropriate.  Length:  10-15 pages.
  3. Community-Based Project or Initiative Report Submission
    Includes appropriate sections, depending on project status:  introduction, central issue, context of setting and stakeholders, procedural methods, findings, conclusions, implications and next steps.  Length: 5-30 pages.
  4. Theoretical or Conceptual Paper Submission
    Includes an abstract, introduction, theoretical framework, discussion/argument, and implications sections.  Length:  20-24 pages.
  5. Workshop Session Summary
    Includes a narrative summary of a workshop session including the goals for the workshop, outcomes, both expected and unexpected and future plans, if appropriate. Length: about 2 pages.
  6. Action Research Community (ARC) Summary
    Submissions should be developed by the ARC char persons and/or members and include a summary of the session content, all member names and affiliations, and if appropriate, the ARC progress to date and future plans. Length: 2-4 pages.

Presentation Format
We do not prioritize a particular format style (APA, MLA or Chicago/Turabian), however, we require you to apply your chosen format consistently throughout your submission. 

Submitting Your Materials
Complete the online Google Form and attach materials as requested in the form.

Information for Authors

By submitting your materials for the ARNA Conference Proceedings, you are consenting to have your materials published on the ARNA website with an assigned ISBN number free of charge.  We encourage you to publish your work through other venues and ask that you credit the ARNA citation.  Please be warned, if you intend to also publish your work elsewhere, review the legal requirements for that publication.  Some publishers reject articles and materials that were published elsewhere, so submitting to ARNA might disqualify you from publishing the same materials with them.  

Review Process

  1. Submit your article and materials directly through the online Google Form.
  2. Within one week, the editor will acknowledge receipt of your materials and two reviewers will be assigned to consider your work for publication in the language you have chosen.  Their decision and feedback will be sent to you within two months via the Lead Editor.

Review Decision

Review decisions will be: 1) Accepted; 2) Revise and Resubmit; or 3) Rejected.  

Accepted materials do not require major changes and will be published to the ARNA website.  

Revise and Resubmit
Revise and resubmit materials are approved for publication, but require more work.  The Associate Editor will provide feedback for how to revise and resubmit.  

Materials are rejected for several possible reasons:  1) the concept is unclear; 2) methodological approach is undeveloped or unclear; 3) there was not enough evidence to support claims or not enough theoretical framing; or 4) context is not adequately presented.