What is Connect?

ARNAconnect.org is a place for members to connect with other members across the globe. As we have launched ARNAwebsite.org as the new home base for general and conference information, ARNAconnect.org is a place where you can contribute to our message. As a member, no matter where you are in the world, you can sign into ARNAconnect.org and contribute to the development of the website, connect with other members and dive deeper into the content of ARNA.  Essentially, it is a place that is constantly evolving with your input, bringing all members closer together as we look ahead to future conferences.

“But I am not a member”. That’s OK! Visit ARNAconnect.org and tour around to see what ARNA has to offer and what people from around the globe are doing. The best way to share what you are doing is following and/or liking us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We would love to connect with you!




This is what ARNAconnect.org looks like! Check it out and start contributing today!